Here are some samples of presentations and discussions by Karen Tucker Lynch. If you don't see the topic here, you are encouraged to make a request. Reach out if you would like to have Karen present or facilitate a topic with your group.

Introducing and Welcoming Newcomers

Explore a new model of progressive stages experienced during the socialization of a newcomer into existing small groups such as work groups, social groups, and families. Included are descriptions of two stages—introducing and welcoming—and a recurring set of issues and behaviors that may be referred to as a spiritual realm.

The Benefits of Becoming Familiar with Character

Focusing on our individual combination of character traits is a growing study. It is demonstrating that the familiarity with one’s own character strengths and ability to recognize characteristics in others has a positive impact on a wide range of personal interactions. The influence on the familiarity with character ranges from improved parenting and family relations, to improved work environment and success.

Mistakes Were Made and We Can Survive - a Discussion Circle

Every parent makes mistakes. It might be a child’s pain and suffering that went unnoticed, or a choice that may have missed its intended result.

Reflecting on the unintended consequences of parenting choices, including her own, Karen Tucker Lynch invites parents to come together to share ideas on resources and tools that can help parents move forward and recover from concerns arising from mistakes made along the way.

The Baha'i System of Translation Helping to Bridge the Gender Gap in Scriptural Translation

Following the story of Marizeh Gail and her translation of the Marriage Sermon (the Lawh-i Khutba), this presentation explores the system of translation as established and practiced in the Baha'i Faith, and the role women play in shaping translation of Baha'i Scripture.